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About Magdalena

I teach people techniques that helped me to recognize and identify the cause of my own stress but also developing techniques for its release. I help them to make positive changes in their lives and to take responsibility for maintaining and improving their health.

I was born in Nova Gradiška where I finished the first two grades. I completed primary school and gymnasium in Slavonski Brod. In 1978 I graduated at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. After an obligatory one year medical training in Split and Supetar my husband Branko and I left for the island of Mljet in 1980. I worked as a general practitioner and as a first-level medical emergency doctor until retiring in 2016.

Working for many years as an island physician, I realized the value and necessity of a holistic approach to health: physical, mental and spiritual. Simultaneously with medical educations and numerous emergency medicine trainings (cardiopulmonary resuscitation, underwater and telemedicine, trauma life support) I began training in Specialized Kinesiology and in 2002 after fourth visit to Pune, India, in AJNA Center for Learning. I received the title of facilitator of specialized kinesiology in “Three In One Concepts” and the new name – Ma Atmo Heera.

Three year education in shiatsu and reflex therapy I finished in Tuscany with Prashantam at SCHOOL FOR PERSONAL GROWTH, HEALING ARTS.

In 2011 I became a shiatsu therapist-Divine Healer.

Since 2002 I have been a member of HUPED-CRONES (Croatian Association for Natural and Energy Medicine). I have a license for the education of healers and the title of shiatsu instructor, and a license for the activity of Kinesiology – Three In One Concepts.


How do I help you

As a physician with many years of experience and an interest in holistic approach to health and treatment, I have accomplished several techniques that I offer to my clients.

“Three In One Concepts", Specialized Kinesiology

Identifying causes of stress and releasing emotional stress; discovering new positive behavior  patterns  and making individual program of exercises and anti-stress techniques.

Shiatsu - Divine Healing arts

By finger pressure on certain points on the body, we help the client to relax and restore the natural flow of energy in the body. In this condition the self-healing process is possible.

Anti-stress program - single or group

Through breathing exercises, stress relief and relaxation techniques you will be challenged to break through your well-defended  belief system, to free yourself  from frustration, emotional pain, low self-esteem and lack of self-assurance.

The keynote to good health is the sharing or equal distribution of energy, continual movement of energy balance. When energy is out of balance it shows up as a symptom. A symptom is not the enemy, it is warning that something needs to be put back into balance.

Three in One Concepts

Specialized Kinesiology

3 in 1 Concepts is not focused on problems or symptoms, it is not focused on the physical or emotional consequences of stress, but their cause. 3 in 1 work is based on the experience that each individual has a “model of the world” built from the system of beliefs, perceptions and choices they made. Such a model of the world operates on a deep cellular level, mentally and emotionally. Using bio-feedback techniques to identify a specific emotion and behavior pattern that cause the stress, 3 in 1 facilitator increase awareness for behaviors that reflect the choices made not at the present moment, but earlier in childhood.

The emphasis in 3 in 1 consultation is to understand the source of behavior patterns that have resulted in low self-esteem, negative self-image, avoidance and / or denial of problems and failure in communication. This bio-feedback method tests the body for a key emotion that limits the behavioral response.

According to 3 in 1 Concepts, stress compromises brain function, so past and the present stresses create certain learning patterns or choices that later result in learning difficulties, called dyslexia. The term dyslexia refers in 3 in 1 to neurological short circuits occurring in the dominant hemisphere and between two hemispheres causing learning dysfunctions. Although initially focused on the learning difficulties in children and adults, the 3 in 1 definition of dyslexia includes “blind spots” in perception of self, communication, relationships and awareness that is directly related to unresolved emotional stress and, hence, can happen to anyone at any age.

The point of work in 3 in 1 is the ability to choose and increase stress-free choices. The focus is on facilitating the individual’s ability to experience new and successful options in areas where there was an inability to choose.

Our work aims to create increased awareness. More awareness means less fear. Less fear gives more creativity and more creativity results in changed perception. With changed perception, we are free to create new images, new projections and new reflections.

Gordon Stokes, president of 3 in 1 Concepts

What we do and how we educate our clients

During the session, we identify the cause of the problem and client limitations. By using special “diffusion” techniques, we release stress that is the core of the problem. We identify the blocked energy and move it, educate people to be more aware of themselves at all three level: physical, mental, and spiritual (that`s why the discipline is called Three in One Concepts). By re-establishing energy flow balance kinesiology stimulates the natural healing process.

Possible benefits include:
• emotional stress release
• relief of physical pain
• increased vitality and resistance to disease
• help with allergies and nutritional needs-improving the function of the brain and the nervous

• improvement of posture-improvement of coordination and balance
• help with learning disabilities, phobias and lack of self-respect
• setting and achieving desired goals
• reading hidden potentials

In 3 in 1 Concepts we do not diagnose or treat the disease or prescribe any drugs. We teach people who come to us seeking help to understand better their vital energy and strengthen the natural healing powers of their bodies. We also educate them how to live wisely by eating healthy food, exercising, thinking more harmonious thoughts. We inspire them to make positive changes and preserve their health by using their own power because the postulate of our method is: each of us is responsible for one’s own life and how one is thinking and feeling about oneself in this world.

By educating clients to recognize persons or events that cause a negative self-image, we help them to establish physical and mental harmony by resolving emotional traumas from childhood, dyslexias, fears, phobias, addictions and obsessive behaviors, allergies, and to release blocked energy in the meridians, integrate chakras, reduce pain. We teach them, with our support, to accept new, positive behaviors that are the best for them and the people they live and work with.


Shiatsu is a form of body work based on the holistic system of traditional Chinese medicine. According to it, the disease is the result of disequilibrium of the natural flow of life energy (Chi), which in the healthy body flows smoothly through special energy channels called the meridians.
This life force creates and regulates our emotional, mental and spiritual stability. Shiatsu in Japanese literally means “finger pressure”, and includes massage with the fingers, thumbs, knees, elbows, palms, feet and assisted stretching.
By pressing certain points and areas shiatsu removes energy blockages and re-establishes the natural course and distribution of vital energy, thereby creating conditions for healing and maintaining health at all three levels: body / mind / soul. Osho Divine Healing Arts teaches us that shiatsu massage is 10% technique and 90% love, that meditation and self-healing is an integral part of our life, education and working with people because “Healer is the healed”.

Anti-stress camp

Six day retreat with more awareness, relaxation, creativity and fun

  • identify the cause of your own stress – physical, mental, emotional, as well as environmental and behavioral stress
  • adopt techniques and skills for releasing and preventing stress, restoring a normal flow of energy and strengthening the natural protect mechanisms
  • individual guidelines (program of exercises and anti-stress techniques) for future better behavior and taking responsibility for your own recovery and maintaining psycho-physic-spiritual health

Walking and listening, dancing and singing, writing, exercising and meditating, we live more consciously and more relaxed. We learn how to prevent and release stress. Each of us is writing their own guidelines for a healthier and happier life.

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