The 1st year training of O.D.H.A. School

The healer is the healed

Scuola O.D.H.A. (Osho Divine Heealing Arts Scchool) was founded in 2001 by J.M. Pereire de Matos, Prashantam, and is the result of more than 30 years of a personal quest in the Art of Healing. From this comes the concept that motivates all the activities of the School: THE HEALER IS THE HEALED.

Therefore it is a School that trains healers .

Studens have a possibility and tools to practise their own self-healing and to mantain a constant wellness of body-mind-spirit.

You will be the first one to benefit from what you are lerning in Divine Healing.Than, naturally, you will find yourself in situations where you are asked to help, guide and treat other people. It is a School for everybody who wants to know how to Meditate, how to live a healthy and stressless life, to express their creativity in every aspect of their life.


Three year program

O.D.H.A. School

The 3 scholastic years training of the Divine Healing Arts is based on four fundamental pillars: touch, movement, nourishment, and meditation.
In the 1st year of training we start to work with the physical body, learning and practicing the ancient technique of Shiatsu or digital pressure. We create a state of relaxation, natural flow and distribution of vital energy in the body so that the body can heal itself.
Movement is an important part of all healing at all levels. During the training we learn and practice the breathing movements called Osho Divine Healing Exercises, we dance, we walk in the nature.

Nourishment includes specific diet as well as relationships among students, hugs, laughter.

While practising different meditation techniques we develop deep awareness which reflects in the quality of our everyday life and in our Divine Healing.
At the end of training every student will be able to perform a whole body shiatsu massage.

First O.D.H.A. training

Location: Vimal academy, Put kroz selo 3c, Moslavačka Slatina, Popovača
Date: 25.7.-1.8.2021.
Price: 350 EUR
Organizer: Udruga Promjena, udruga za promicanje zdravlja i zdravog načina života
President – dr.Ljiljana Lulic Karapetric,
Tel: 098 301 812

Training leader: dr Magdalena Nardelli Kovačić,
Tel: 099 653 22 72